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Online Practice Test - GA Practice for Scholarship Test
14-Aug-2021 | 5:17 PM

Dear students & parents,

Cyberschool is offering an online self-paced test practice test called 'GA Practice for Scholarship Test'. It is designed for students who want to build a solid foundation for general ability skills, especially for the preparation of the AAS, ACER or Edutest private school scholarship tests.

The test covers both verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills and each section is categorised into a comprehensive number of question types. By taking these tests, students will be able to do thorough study of almost all possible question types and complete a variety of practical, challenging and mind-stimulating questions.

Students currently taking our regular term course in NSW can take this course for free within given period.

Please check out the tutorial video below that shows the step-by-step instructions on how to access and take the practice tests.