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  • 2022 Winter Holiday Special STTC (Online CBT)
    30-Jun-2022 | 2:12 PM
    2022 Winter Holiday Special STTC (Online CBT & self-study) Information
    Year 5 students who have completed the test registration will be able to attempt the online selective trial test on Cyberschool during the winter school holiday period ( 4 - 15 July).
    The test will be online format on Cyberschool and will be structured as follows:
    • Reading: 30 questions in 40 minutes (multiple-choice)
    • Mathematical Reasoning: 35 questions in 40 minutes (multiple-choice)
    • Thinking Skills:40 questions in 40 minutes (multiple-choice)
    For full details, please read the test information from the link below
  • [UPDATE] The 2022 OC Placement Test Information
    28-Jun-2022 | 3:59 PM
    The 2022 OC Placement Test Information from DoE & Cambridge Assessment
    Dear Year 4 Students,
    The NSW Department of Education and Cambridge University Press & Assessment released the new test information that describes the content of the 2022 OC Placement Test. Please check out the information from the link below.
  • Term 2 WEMT Homework Revision tests during the winter school holiday
    24-Jun-2022 | 8:44 PM

    To support our WEMT students’ continuing studies during the school holiday period, Cyberschool will offer the ‘WEMT Homework Revision Test’ at no extra cost. These revision tests are designed to help them revise the previous mathematical reasoning and thinking skills topics and prepare for their new term WEMT studies. Please check out the details of test schedule below.

    Who can take the revision test?
    Year 3, 4 & 5 students who enrolled in the 2022 Term 2 WEMT course at Pre-Uni New College

    When can I take the revision test?
    Students can complete five (5) sets of mathematical reasoning and thinking skill tests within the test opening period - from Monday 4th July to Friday 15th July 2022.

    How can I check my test results?
    After the test, you will see the test score on the test dashboard page. You can also check the result at ‘My Result’ under ‘My Page’ menu.

    Can I review the test questions?
    Yes, you can review the test questions until Friday 15th July, by clicking the ‘Test Review’ button under your test score. The green ‘Practice’ button will allow you to try the same test questions again without changing the original score.

    These tests are provided as a self-paced revision test without additional support from a teacher. Therefore, parental support and guidance are necessary. The above test schedule may subject to change without prior notice. 

  • 18-Jun-2022 | 11:00 AM
    Thanks for the parents who attended our Term 2 OC information seminar last Thursday. We hope that they found it informative and worthwhile. There were many topics covered during the webinar and the presenter David did their best to share their expertise with our Year 4 parents. The pre... Read More
  • 07-Jun-2022 | 7:29 PM
    Year 5 parents are invited to join our Special Education Webinar that will be held on Thursday, 23rd June, 5pm.   This webinar is to deliver the lastest information about the 2023 selective school exam and the important preparation tips until the March exam date next year.  ... Read More
  • 21-May-2022 | 10:41 AM
                          Term 3 course will be commencing on Saturday, 16th July     Pre-Uni New Colle... Read More
  • 06-May-2022 | 6:54 PM
    A special winter school holiday intensive course will be held from 4 - 15 July. Year 6 winter holiday courses are designed to help students make a successful transition to Year 7 by building up a solid foundation in reading, writing, debating skills as well as consolidating crucial maths topics.... Read More
  • 30-Apr-2022 | 2:53 PM
    Maximise your learning with Cyberschool services.   Cyberschool is a special e-learning website hosted by Pre-Uni New College and provides the extensive educational services to help students revise their entire Pre-Uni New College class work.    Services vary depending on th... Read More
  • 29-Apr-2022 | 1:44 PM
        Years K-6 6+, WEMT/WEMG/EMG/EM course students will take the term test in week eight (8) of the term for assessment and subsequent reporting — generating valuable feedback for students and parents. Term 2 test period and test format   NSW students... Read More
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