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Term 2 Standard WEMG Online Learning System
08-Apr-2020 | 2:15 PM

Dear our valued parents and students,

Term 2 Standard WEMG course will commence on Tuesday 28th April 2020. The course will be delivered in entirely online format until the normal classes become available. Students will be invited to join the virtual classroom and watch the live streamed online lesson, attend small group Q&A, homework submission to Google Classroom and access the Cyberschool for entire revision.

Please check out YouTube videos below showing how the online learning system works, what the live-streamed lesson looks like and our student’s thought on the lesson.


How the Online Learning Course Works


Pre-Uni New College’s Special Live Hybrid Online Lesson Introduction Video


Pre-Uni New College Live Hybrid Online Lesson Feedback


Yours Sincerely,

Pre-Uni New College