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2020 Summer Holiday Intensive Course
06-Nov-2019 | 3:34 PM

2020 summer school holiday is the last holiday period to intensively study before the Selective High School Placement Test.

Both Summer Intensive Course (6 - 17 Jan) and Selective Trial Test Course (20 - 24 Jan) is highly recommended for current Year 5 students who will sit for the Selective High School Placement Test on 12 March 2020.

Year 6 Summer Intensive Course will cover most of the Year 6 syllabus to best prepare for the exam. It will cover approximately 20 weeks worth of WEMG term course! Summer Intensive Selective Trial Test Course is also equivalent to 10 weeks worth of regular Term STTC!

All summer holiday courses are highly recommended to students who wish to begin the upcoming school year ahead of their peers.

Enrol in Summer Holiday Course to begin the new school year armed with the ability and confidence to succeed academically with Pre-Uni New College.

Please check out the summer intensive course newsletter link below.

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