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About the Level
The Cyberschool Mathematics and English programmes are designed to consolidate and enhance the range of Multi-Level Teaching Modules that are currently taught at Pre-Uni New College. Higher levels have been developed to offer a superior programme for high achieving students to provide challenging work beyond their current grade level.
• Mathematics Level
  • The Maths Gold level is available from Year 2 Term 2 and includes more advanced material and extension exercises for the capable students as well as the standard learning modules.
  • The Maths Diamond level is available from Year 5 Term 2 and incorporates extremely challenging problem solving exercises designed to extend and challenge the most capable individuals.
• English Level
  • The English Advanced level is available from Year 2 Term 2 and consists of four
    basic steps that require listening, reading and writing skills. Reading comprehension questions, grammar exercises are included in every module as well as written comprehension questions about the assigned novel study. The questions level becomes more challenging to more able students to work with a variety of text types.