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[Update] Year 5 OC Scholarship Conditions
12-Aug-2021 | 8:51 PM

Attention: Year 5 OC scholarhsip students,

We have updated the current Year 5 OC scholarship conditions and the new conditions will apply to both standard WEMT & STTC courses during the 2021 Term 4, 2022 Summer and 2022 Term 1 enrolment period. Details are as follows.
2021 Year 5 OC Scholarship Offer (Updated)
(effective from 12-Aug-2021 to 29-Jan-2022)
Your placement score in the
2020 OC Placement Test
WEMT discount STTC discount
270 or above 90% 70%
260 - 269 70% 50%
250 - 259 50% 40%
240 - 249 30% 30%
235 - 239 25% 25%

*All scores are rounded to the nearest integer.

Conditions of the 2021 Year 5 OC Scholarship Offer (updated):

This new scholarship offer entitles Year 5 students to discounts off the tuition fee (not material fee) when they enrol in regular term standard WEMT course or selective trial test course (STTC) in the 2021 Term 4, 2022 Summer Intensive and 2022 Term 1. Not applicable to the Cyber WEMT course. Students' OC placement scores must be verified to confirm their eligibility. Parents must enrol and pay for the full term standard WEMT and/or STTC before the early bird discount due date. Scholarship discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any existing scholarship, sibling, early bird, full-term payment and STTC+WEMT combined discount offer. STTC discounts are not applicable to the students who have already taken the STTC full package offer.